Several people have been asking us about our newest feature, dynamic contact groups. Contact groups in opflo suite allow users to set up communication groups, combining SMS, paging, WhatsApp, and more into logical groups. Communication is accessible via all modalities – you can send a text message that is then received by others by SMS, WhatsApp, or page, depending on their preference.

One hospital uses this feature to coordinate urgent / emergent airway calls between a dynamically changing group of attendings, residents, and anesthesia techs. By using dynamic contact groups, all parties are on the same page in real time and without delay to take care of their patients efficiently.

Dynamic contact groups are different than predefined, static contact groups. Static groups you or an administrator defines up front. For example, John (mobile), Sally (pager), Jason (mobile) in the Pain Service group.

Dynamic groups change automatically, day by day or hour by hour, as determined by the rules in the opflo suite application. For example, you can define an “Airway” group, and depending on who has been assigned to the airway shifts for the day, the system will automatically assign the correct person to the group. So today it will George and Martha but tomorrow it will consist of Jenny and Mark, without any manual change by users or administrators.

Dynamic groups can also be created and joined on the fly, via SMS or app. Any numbers of users can send an SMS to the opflo chatbot (e.g., !join airway) and then automatically be added to the airway group. These groups are then reflected in the opflo app as well. Everyone can see who has joined through the app or by sending a message to the chatbot (e.g., !list airway).